Research subject is "Research and Development of environmental, medical, energy materials integrated with semiconductor technology and life science", which consists of three research field as follows;

  1. Research on high-quality light source.
  2. Research on integration with semiconductor technology and life science.
  3. Basic technological research on application of synchrotron light.

In order to perform these research, several beamlines are required. In 2003, a beamline for research on the surface and interface dynamics in nano-scale was constructed. The primary purpose of the construction of this beamline is to use in academic field of research, and therefore, this beamline has been specially designed to achieve the top-level performance in the world. Thus, the capability and function of this beamline are different with those of the prefectural beamlines that have been constructed by Saga prefecture for industrial apllication of synchrotron light. The university beamline and the prefectural beamlines will play an complementary role in each field. We are planning to construct the additional beamlines with special characteristic for academic research listed above.


Saga University Beamline

  1. Beamline for research on surface and interface dynamics in nano-scale.


Beamlines (planning)

  1. Beamline for semiconductor nano-technology
  2. Bio-medical beamline.
  3. Beamline for XAFS and XRF.
  4. Beamline for crystal structure analysis.