The forum will take place at "Sun Messe Tosu", which is close to the JR Tosu station.
The Fukuoka international airport is also located in convenient distance.

A photograph of Sun Messe Tosu


From Fukuoka international airport

1. Get on a subway from the Fukuoka airport station under the domestic terminal to Hakata station.
The fare to Hakata station is 250 yen, and the ride takes 6 minutes.
Free shuttle bus service is available between International and Domestic terminal.
2. Take a train from JR Hakata station to Tosu station on the JR Kagoshima Line.
A rapid-car service operates between Hakata and Tosu.
The fare to Tosu station is 540 yen, and the ride takes 28 minutes.

*A limited express train is also available, and the ride takes 22 minutes, a little bit shorter than that of a rapid-car.
However, a ticket for a limited express (1100 yen) is required in addition to a train ticket (540 yen) if you take a limited express train.
3. 3 min. walk to "Sun Messe Tosu" from Tosu Station.

From Hakata station
*Approx. 25 min. to JR Tosu Station on the JR Kagoshima Line.
*3 min. walk to "Sun Messe Tosu" from JR Tosu Station.

Overview of Tosu:

Situated in the northern part of Kyushu, Tosu is an important land transportation center connecting many of Kyushu's major routes. The city has a population of 58,000 over an area of 72 square kilometers. Tosu is surrounded by the beautiful nature of northern Kyushu and has a mild climate throughout the year.
The average annual temperature is about 16oC, with an annual high of 36oC and an annual low of 4oC.
Tosu receives 2,000mm of precipitation throughout the year.