Instructions for Presentation

Oral Presentation

- For oral presentations video and overhead projectors are available. For video projector presentations PCs are provided, so please bring your presentation on a CD-ROM or a USB flash memory in Microsoft PowerPoint format. Please check compatibility of your presentation with the computer at the registration desk well in advance of your presentation, preferably the day before. The presentation data in the CD-ROM or a USB flash memory should be transferred to the official PC, after testing the material.
- If you want to use your own computer, please check compatibility with the projector during a lunch time or a coffee break before your presentation. Please pay attention to plag type and voltage (AC100V) in Japan.
- The video presentation is desirable, but you are also recommended to prepare OHP sheets in case of the accident of the devices.

Poster Presentation (by SR facilities in Asia)

- Each poster presenter will be provided with a vertical surface to mount the poster presentation. The area available for the poster is limited to a rectangle 1.2 m wide × 1.8 m high. Equipment to mount the posters will be provided by the conference.
- A layout of the poster hall showing the location of the poster papers will be provided at the conference.